18 January 2013

Super Spartan Race

Super Spartan Mid-Atlantic race consisted of about 10 miles of 20+ obstacles. I made my purchase through LivingSocial.com, which had minimal description about the specific obstacle. I was convinced it was the 3+ mile course. Little did I know, I was signing up for the “Super” rather than the “Sprint (3+miles)”. It wasn’t until I got those auto emails about a workout routine from Spartan Race, I realized I signed up for 9-10 miles! This was my first long distance event I have ever completed. I registered on a whim about one month ahead of the event. I was more-so interested in the new experience and of course the challenge. So the change of miles startled me enough to toughen me up. With one month of minimal and unexpected training, I was able to complete the course within four hours, just as I hoped.

Spartan Race, obstacle race series designed by athletes, promoting health, to test your will and physical strength. Donations contributed to the Wounded Warrior Project.

26 August 2012, Sunday. Duration from 11am-4pm

What to expect:
I arrived a hour early with a spectator. Having a spectator was a big help, my uncle was able to run back and forth to the car as well as capture some pictures of the team. If you don’t have a spectator with you to do those errands, you would need to pay for a bag check. And getting there early is imperative! There was parking to worry about, making sure we were admitted accordingly and ready for our heat time. When heat time arrived, it started off with about four miles of hopping short walls and low logs and trail running up hill, and when I say hill, I mean a steep of a hill! After coming down the hill and through the woods, there were more walls and logs to go over. The barbwire mud crawl was after about 4 miles. There were drink stops at about every 2-3 miles. Between the last 6+ miles, hopping walls became climbing walls, logs got taller and wider and the amount of strength needed after the barbwire mud crawl gradually increased.
Due to my lack of training, I’ll admit I didn’t complete most of these obstacles, but I did at least try them. But when you can’t fully complete them it’s 30 burpees each obstacle! And since my heat time got rained on towards the last few miles, a lot of those later obstacles had to shut down due to the storm… and yep, it was 30 burpees for each closed obstacle we came to. I did over hundreds of burpees that day!

Prior Training:
One month of training consisted of all cardio, and 2-3 miles a week. I didn’t know where or how to begin being a newbie in the fitness and training world! My diet (daily eating habits) did change. I cut out alcohol, sugars and sweets. I was also a daily 3-10 miles bicyclist.

Post Event:
SORE, SORE, SORE! The five days following the event, my legs were sore as ever but I was walking around feeling weighted because of the gained muscles!

Overall, the event was well hosted. The volunteers and staff members were attentive, cooperative and it was awesome to be around encouraging people. Everyone was all there for good causes. The vibe was strong and there were a lot of great, encouraging encounters with other participants. The spectators and photographers cheering you on at the finish line made the challenge well-worth it!


 What obstacles do you plan on doing? How would you train? Would you do it again?

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