08 March 2013

Seagull Century Ride 2012

After weekends of doing 30-60 miles of bicycling, I went on a whim and registered 10 days before this century ride. The Seagull Century consist of a beautiful route from Salisbury University to Assateague Island, MD and back.

I heard about this event from other riders of The 50 States and 13 Colonies Ride, hosted by WABA. I figured since I did over 60 miles during the 50 States ride, I could conquer a century.

Registrar: Salisbury University Foundation – Seagull Century. Donations contributed to numerous non-profit organizations.

Event: 06 October 2012, Saturday. Duration 9am-6pm.

Key things to prepare yourself for this all day event:

  • Be sure to have your bicycle! I rode in my hybrid Trek 7.2 fx, a road bike is highly recommended because of its light weight and being that the route is all road!
  • Make hotel reservations, being that I had to commute three hours to get to the event, I booked a room for the night before and for the night after. I don’t know about anyone else, but after biking 100 miles, all you want to do is eat and relax! Driving three hours would’ve been beyond me!
  • Carry a water bottle and snacks. Although rest stops are at every 20 miles, it’s best to have your own water bottle for refills and snacks just in case food becomes limited. In my case, by mile 60ish (lunch) food was gone! Another reason, I’ve heard of, is that often times people skip the rest stop in order to beat time. Also a good idea because around this time of the year, rain may roll through mid-day.
  • Rest enough and stretch a lot, try not to get too comfortable at rest stops. Keep your momentum going, if you stop too long your body will feel a sense of exhaustion and will want to wear you down. I’m no expert here, but from experience, it was tough after lunch from laying out for too long!

How far have you ridden in your bicycle? How did you Train? Are you Century ready?

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