18 July 2013

Casa Half Century, WV

The first long distance ride I did with the Felt bike. I signed up for the 50 mi […]

12 March 2013

Rock’N’Roll Half Marathon

About 20,000 people showed up for the the Rock’N’Roll Marathon! It was a beautif […]

10 March 2013

Trekking Hills – Trek Women’s Breast Cancer Awareness Ride

Only a select few bicycle shops in the U.S. hosts’ this event, which doesn’t req […]

08 March 2013

Seagull Century Ride 2012

After weekends of doing 30-60 miles of bicycling, I went on a whim and register […]

26 February 2013

50 States &13 Colonies Ride

A group of friends and I took part of the 64 miles, 50 States ride, where we wou […]

18 January 2013

Super Spartan Race

Super Spartan Mid-Atlantic race consisted of about 10 miles of 20+ obstacles. I […]

15 January 2013

Peace, Love, Trek

To resolute better health, bicycling is one of the best forms to do so. The best […]