26 February 2013

50 States &13 Colonies Ride

A group of friends and I took part of the 64 miles, 50 States ride, where we would ride kilometers of streets consisting of one of the 50 states street signs throughout Washington D.C. This was my first year doing the ride. It was a thrilling ride that started and ended at Adams Morgan. This would also be my first longest bicycle ride I’ve ever done.

WABA (Washington Area Bicyclist Association), a advocacy for better bicycling conditions and transportation from the DC area. Proceeds to advocate better roads for cyclists in the DC area.

22 September 2012, Saturday. Duration from 9am-5pm

It was a beautiful day with a bit of a morning breeze, little clouds, no rain and lots of sun. From the beginning, we made this ride a venture of our own. The day started off a little rough being that we had a car failure, luckily we had a back up car and towing service. It delayed us by 30 minutes. And because of the location, we decided to park north of the city and ride down to the starting point, adding more miles to our ride. We had a late start but luckily ended up catching up with most riders by the first rest stop. The rest of the day from there consisted of lots of hills, turns and beautiful city views! Lunch was served with some fulfilling burritos that gave me enough energy to trek up the hills off Montana and Hawaii. I recommend lots of water and salt!! Getting back to the finish was great, it took us over 6 hours of hill trekking, hydrating, resting and getting a little lost to get to the finish. We had ourselves some Fat Tire brews and a t-shirt. WABA did a great job hosting the event!


What cool rides are going on in and around your city? How did you train? Would you do it again?

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