12 January 2013

13 Things To Continue Doing

Even with the new year here and the collection of new resolutions and new goals, don’t forget to continue taking control of what has always been your life. Take control of your destiny, your wants and your desires. Instead of creating anew, try recreating for a change. Direct the things you wanted to change into a better light with positive energy.

  1. Do what you fear. Create challenges for yourself everyday. Doing so helps exercise your brain. Set short term goals, go places you haven’t gone and do things you never thought you would. It’s better knowing your limits rather than wondering “what if”. Live a life without limiting yourself.
  2. Embrace difficulties. Every obstacle you encounter, remember to acknowledge it, for it will make you a stronger person. Don’t dwell or relive difficult moments but remind yourself of the hardships you have faced. Accept the challenges and difficult times.
  3. Trust yourself in everything you do, that’s when you start living. Confidence is key to change and to challenges. Be positive about every moment and every feeling. Every step you take, walk knowing that you are in control of your life.
  4. Evolve mentally and physically. Nothing is guaranteed, not all things lasts forever. Approach things with a open mind and open heart. You can’t always have a one-track mind, things can’t always be one-way. Embrace diversity, evolve yourself or you won’t ever know what the world has to offer you.
  5. Promote health be active, eat clean and drink lots of water. Be careful of your intake, it will catch up on you. My metabolism started slowing down at the age of 24! Not watching my intake definitely made an appearance, mainly in my lower half. With eating clean, I have shaped back up. Actively doing things is a great way to meet new people as well as create memories with loved ones.
  6. Cultivate others. Share experiences, share stories, introduce people and yourself to new things. Ultimately inspire.
  7. Slow down and enjoy moments. Don’t rush your mornings, make sure to take the sunrise in. Acknowledge your first sip of water in the morning, the comfort of your surroundings. What could be any more important to you than the state of being that you are currently in? Your life is right now.
  8. Breathe. The only moment that is guaranteed to you is the present, enjoy it.
  9. Give more than you can take. Live a life knowing that you worked hard for what you got and be sure to give back. Educate kids, feed those that are hungry and shelter those that are struggling.
  10. Live guilt-free. Be nimble, be humble, learn to laugh things off and don’t hold grudges. Grudges traps you. Just be.
  11. Cherish moments.
  12. Be thankful. 
  13. Keep it 100, always have the will to succeed. Always give it your all. As many times as you heart, always choose to love.


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